Barman shares tips on picking up girls.

Published: 29th July 2009
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No one is more qualified than a bartender when it comes to making an impression with someone when your out on the town. Learn what works, and when to walk away.

Bar staff have front row seats into the singles and dating scene every time they turn up for a shift. Every night, barmen and barmaids observe men and women either sinking or swimming in their quest to hook up for the night. Long term bar staff will have observed all the pick up lines that work, and equally, the ones that fail miserably. Ben, a seasoned barman from the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney Australia shares some advice for your benefit.

"Firstly, you need to scan the room in a subtly nature to determine the single girls. Once you spot the girls you fancy, casually move over near them. Observe when she moves away from her table and heads over to the bar, stand next to her and offer to pay the barman for her drink. She will at least show you some appreciation for your gesture, and if she is also keen, she will hang around for a chat."

"What they are drinking says alot about them and goes along way to making an impression. Most women around the city bars and clubs are drinking pink or blue alcoholic drinks, commonly referred to as lolly water. Look for a girl who is knocking back bourbons or scotch, these women unquestionably have a little more mystery about them. Equally for men, if you stand around drinking beer, you will blend into the crowd, order a cocktail or a few shots instead. Drink something that suits your personality, and have a funny story to go with it as a conversation opener."

"Most guys don't know when to walk away. From my experience, if your hitting on someone for more than 3 minutes and your not getting the right vibe, know when to walk away. I cant recall ever seeing a guy change a girls mind after giving it his best shot for more than around 3 minutes. Don't embarrass yourself, its not going to happen."

"A common myth that needs to be dispelled is that only bad boys or sexy and smooth guys pick up. I see women respond much better to men who come across as sincere and thoughtful. Most women are sick of being approached by serial players whose only goal in life is to pick up women.

"Its simple to pick the girls who have come out to play and flirt. When you spot a group of girls that have arrived together, they will often cue up at the bar in the hope of being hit on. If they are drinking cocktails and shots, these girls are there for the same reason as you, to have fun and chat to other singles."

"Spend up, its worth it. Buy a few bottles of champagne and send it over to a group of girls. I know this seems like the oldest trick in the book, but it works, I've seen it happen time and time again. If your looking to make an impression, this is such a stylish approach".

Sadly, some people (men and women) don't feel comfortable or confident going to bars to approach strangers, the pressure for some is enormous. Loads of singles are using online dating sites to hook up. Besides the convenient and economic advantages of online dating sites , if you have an internet connection, getting acquainted with other singles is simple and can be done without leaving the house. For those who live for the thrill of the chase, and thrive on the social atmosphere, online dating may not be for you.

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