Dating: Single, Female In Her 30's

Published: 17th February 2010
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The biological make up of men and society is allowing them to remain single, foot loose and fancy free well into their 30s when it comes to the subject of reproduction.

Sadly, women are viewed much differently to men when they enter into their 30s. Society can be very unkind with this issue giving 30 something women "out of date" labels whilst men are free to sow their wild oats. This view society has put on the sexes has fuelled women to become more independent and career oriented therefore distancing themselves from being dependant on men.

There are many highly successful and eligible 30 something women amongst our society. But with time restrictions created by man made routines, finding the time to spend dating many people simply is not an option for many 21st century single women. And with turning 30 also limits their social options. Night clubs are less than desirable for meeting good and wholesome men - especially when you're 30! and for a single girl to be hanging out at a bar by herself labels her as "desperate" and "up for it."

It's no wonder why online dating has become such a useful matchmaking outlet for 30 something women. Online dating provides singles with a means to search for compatible partners in a very short space of time and eliminates some of the stereo typical labeling of single 30 year old woman. Statistically, women aged above 30 comprise of around 40% of female online dating memberships worldwide. On average, women make up for more than 45% of online dating profiles compared to 55% of males.

Are women too picky? are the ideals women have about finding Mr. Perfect swaying between fantasy and reality? There is nothing wrong with setting a benchmark in the dating game, but sometimes love takes time to develop and too often love is not found because it is dismissed when an instant attraction or instant chemistry is not experienced. According to recent online dating research, 85% of first dates do not turn into second dates.

The hooking up between young men and women in their 30s and 40s is a distinct sign of this ever growing trend faced by single 30 something women that finding a partner at an equal stage of life is no easy task. Thanks to the rise of cougar dating in Hollywood, many women in their 30s are turning to the youth of today to find companionship, but as history tells us, the bigger the age gap, the less chance of sustainability.

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