Help, It's Valentines Day And I Have Two Girlfriends!

Published: 08th March 2010
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Talk about a spot of bother! If you have been dating numerous girls on a non-commitment basis and you find yourself torn between two adoring girls what's a guy supposed to do come Valentine's Day? - neither girl will take no for an answer!

Check to see if you're on the Jerry Springer show, but you're not. Obviously you don't have a conscious, given your predicament so why start to worry now?

Unless your name is Hugh Hefner, fighting off more than one lady is all in a days work. But for most of us mere mortals, this situation could end up biting you on the backside - literally!

If she is hot to trot....perhaps you should spend the money. Any woman will want something exceptional on Valentines Day. She will go all out to make the day all about the two of you, thing is, she only has to worry about two people, you have three to worry about. And don't be surprised if she pays special attention to her underwear, and let's face it, you will do your best to get an even better view - you're a guy! What's more, you can't go half way with the two of them, half way doesn't count.

Scheduling could be the key. This way, you can save the day time for one lady and the evening for the other. Further to this quandary, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this particular year, so you can forget about using work to side step your little ladies. So it appears as though the word 'creativity' is the word of the day - time to get creative!

You completely forgot that your boss has arranged a golf day - and we know how long a golf day can drag out - don't we, your Mum is ill, your dog ran out onto the road and committed suicide, you have to give blood, your sister suddenly returned home from Africa. The excuses is not important - but be convincing, that's the main thing.

Okay so now you've bought some time for your dilema, but you don't want to break the bank either. One Valentine's Day is one thing, but two at once, that's frightening - karma, I hear you say!

Lunch is cheaper than dinner, make sure you choose a place off the high street, you scoundrel, you don't want any friends of the 'other' lady seeing you stepping out, or the entire deal is off. In a single moment you go from having two of everything a guy could want, to joining the other men who are dateless, sexless and on the sideline. Looking for more clues to fly under the radar? Take in a mid day show, no I'm not talking about seeing 72 Tenants of Prosperity for the 10th time, I'm talking about a theatre show.

Well, that's all the advice I'm going to give you on how to be a complete toad, but I will say this, If you have made it this far, you're likely to go even further. Have a great Valentine's Day, and for having to put up with two women on of one the most annoying days on the calendar, you deserve it!

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