Knowing The Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship

Published: 04th May 2010
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Dysfunctional relationships are a daily challenge. Find out how two world's that were once heading in the same direction can change course setting up a huge collision of those same two world's.

Relationships are not always bright and cheerful. Agreed! Any couple will have to endure their highs and lows. However most well matched couples will find a solution to the turbulent times. This is certainly part of any healthy and well balanced relationship. Then we have couples who were brought together through certain circumstances only to learn that they have become dysfunctional as a couple as time goes by. So, let us find out in more detail what a dysfunctional relationship is:

Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship
Has your relationship stopped moving forward, always seems to be plagued by arguments, and you just can't connect anymore? Many couples go through rough patches, so before you go labeling yourself as a dysfunctional couple, make sure you are aware of all the recognized symptoms that make up a dysfunctional relationship.

Bitterness and Anger
Are you always carrying around a feeling of bitterness or resentment towards your partner? This is a particularly worrying sign of dysfunction within a relationship. When one or both people within a relationship develop resentment, this is usually attributed to the fact that someone has been forced into something they now resent.

Feeling Tense and Anxious
From the moment you wake, until you fall asleep at night, you are gripped by tension and stress. And there never seems to be an "appropriate time" to discuss or talk about underlying issues with your partner. No matter how you approach a situation, your gut feeling knows the end result will end up far worse than before the conversation started.

You Feel Trapped
You feel like you are always trapped and enclosed from the rest of the world and are constantly trying to re-call how much more freedom and choice you once had before this relationship.

Changing Who You Are
There is always a feeling like you need to keep changing yourself in order to fit in with your partners expectations. Your life has become conditional to their terms and conditions, and if you don't keep up this mold to satisfy your partner, you are concerned they will break off the relationship.

No Self Esteem
A diminished self esteem is one of the most obvious ways to detect a dysfunctional relationship. In order to hide this loss of confidence, you start to alienate yourself from friends and family. In fact, extreme cases of dysfunction within a relationship will result in the person becoming afraid to face society in general.

Fights and verbal attacks are common, taking place usually on a daily basis. It gets to the point that there is so much underlying resentment that the point of the argument if forgotten, and winning the argument is all that matters. Sarcasm and hurtful comebacks become the basis of the argument further diminishing the viability of the relationship. A successful and healthy romance will be full of praise for one another and should be openly proud of each others accomplishments.

If you are reading this article and are making comparisons to your own relationship, it is crucial that you determine whether you are in it because of true love, or because of fear and habit. Your first step should be to go and talk to a professional and unload this burden before this burden ruins you.

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