Why Funny Guys Are Hot

Published: 08th January 2010
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Men can stop wondering why all the hot girls are dating average looking men. Forget the big biceps, the hair gel and the skin tight muscle shirts. Women much prefer their man to be funny preferring humor and good conversation over metro sexual men.

Women don't normally need to be too concerned with having to pull off a smooth pick up line to meet a man or gain his attention. Holding his eyes for a few seconds with a cheeky grin, or accentuating their best physical asset is usually enough to send the intended message. But when it comes to a man making the moves, he has to work much harder.

Society and the laws of attraction would have us believe that a beautiful persons opposite number must also be beautiful. Not the case in this day and age. I become distinctly aware of this recently when bubbly bombshell Anna Faris hurried down the aisle for the second time and married Chris Pratt. This guy is dumpy, zany, and, a total legend!

Radio talk show funny man and Melbourne comedian Andy Lee came from the back of the pack when he was voted ahead of some of Australia's sexiest men to take out Cleo's Bachelor of the year. And if that effort seems unbelievable, Lee went on to date Aussie mega supermodel Megan Gale whose flawless looks and down to earth style have put her at the helm of the Australian fashion industry. Lee has become an over night idol for every 16 year old high school class clown.

Are men born funny? According to the askmen.com website, men are not born that way. Learning to be funny comes with adopting a roles models personality, or learning how others do it by copying their success. A good way to build on your portfolio of funny jokes and stories is to take notes when you hear something amusing - sounds like a silly approach right? not to worry, you don't need to tell anyone! Funny man Eddie Murphy made an admission on a recent TV interview exposing to his audience that he too had to learn how to be funny and was influenced by role models.

It's no secret why funny and confident men get results when it comes to dating women. Funny guys are enthralling and mentally stimulate women, they often have down to earth personalities and don't take the world too seriously. A humorous man's personality usually goes hand in hand with confidence, so ultimately ticks all the boxes for most single women.

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