Your New Girlfriend - Is She A Keeper?

Published: 10th March 2010
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Your new girl, is she a keeper or a more of a catch and let go girl? We are guessing your sitting on the fence with this one. Sometimes she does it for you other times she drives you round the bend. Let's assess whether she's worth hanging onto...

Ever used her razor to trim your own bits? You're only human, you forget your razor and her's is conveniently sitting there. Why don't guys get a moisturizing strip on their razors? Okay, decision made, you lather up your boys and test her new razor - you and your boys deserve the greatest! and besides, there it is, sitting right next to her loofa back scrub and body cream practically insisting that you pick up the razor.

Now the next hurdle, don't get caught. It's hard not to leave the razor in the pristine condition you found it, there is bound to be revealing signs - shall we go into detail? No, you get the idea. But of course, she finds the evidence and presents it to you.

Point being, it's moments like these that will determine whether she's a keeper or a throw back. Now, if it's only a "once off" over sight on your behalf, she should take it as a bit of humor and facetiously scald you. If you keep doing it, then you're just plain ignorant. Thing is, if she throws the razor across the room and spits the know what to do - dump her!

Okay, enough about her razor and body hair. Let's talk about sex. Compatibility and chemistry play a big role here, if there is no sexual spark after a month or two don't panic - yet! Making love in the missionary position is great at first - in the beginning of a relationship any position will do just fine. But after a while of the same-same, it's natural for the desire to spice things up, right?

We are not asking you to tell her you want to start involving her friends to make things heat up (we know you want to, you wicked man) but clearly, some common ground needs to be established. If you find yourself starting to look at every skirt that passes by, then action needs to be taken - pronto! Thing is, if you are starting to detect the sex needs a make over, she will almost certainly see it too. But if your lady is likely to let it fly in the bedroom, think twice before packing her bags.

Are the remnants of her online dating not going away? Is she still texting people and going to her dating site to check and send messages? This one is a no brainer, send her on her way. There is nothing worse than a woman that needs constant hits of confidence - just ask any guy.

Her friends can often be the deciding factor. Is there never ending drama, are they always drunk or hung over and do they constantly bed nameless frat boys? if you answered yes, you'll do better elsewhere, move on!
Well, how did she go, did she pass our test is she a "keeper" ?

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